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Vaccination against cholera may sometimes be recommended if you're travelling to areas where the infection is widespread, particularly if you're an aid worker and likely to have limited access to medical services.

This PGD is available to vaccinate against Cholera for those going to endemic countries. This oral vaccine doesn’t require specialist training for administration.

Why this PGD?

Allows the provision of a travel vaccine without having to receive specific training. 

The vaccine is estimated to be about 85% effective in the months after vaccination, although the level of protection gradually reduces over time and booster doses will eventually be needed if you continue to be at risk.

Who is this for?

People 2 years of age and above travelling to areas of cholera risk

Available Treatments

Cholera Vaccine

  • Dukoral cholera vaccine oral suspension

How to order

To obtain the Cholera PGD, you will need to order it directly from one of our Bundles (Best value) or Individual Subscription, please go to Order Now for more details.

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