Sonar is commissioned by over 30 commissioners across the country, including CCGs, Local Authorities, Area Teams, Hospital Trusts and Community Health Providers

Sonar provides the ultimate aim of improving the quality and safety of patient care.

Sonar understands the complex landscape of the healthcare sector and fully comprehends the decision making process at commissioner and NHS provider level. As a result, we can effectively navigate this landscape to provide innovative clinical service solutions.

Industry Expertise & Key Differentiators

With extensive experience serving Healthcare Providers, and NHS Commissioners, we deliver peace-of-mind assistance. We focus on reducing service operational costs, while providing advanced population health management solutions.

Increased Access

We deliver patient life-cycle engagement solutions across channels to improve patient experience and reduce costs.

Expert Knowledge & Support

Our solutions focus on providing easy access to information, coaching services, and care coordination to improve patient engagement.

Award-Winning Analytics

Our analytics suite improves CMS star ratings, increases adherence, and utilizes predictive modelling to proactively achieve performance efficiencies.


From quality assurance to population health management, we have re-engineered our processes to focus on driving better patient outcomes.

Sonar Provides innovation in healthcare

  • We provide innovative solution to bolster, ROI, customer engagement, and loyalty.
  • Sonar will engage with your teams to deliver solutions with a easy to understand methodology using simple elemental structures to processes.
  • Our systems are constantly being upgraded, with investment in the people, processes, and a global delivery platform to provide consistent and exceptional experiences to make every contact count throughout the customer journey.
  • Our infrastructure, people, best practices, scalability, and delivery models enable you to bring to fruition your vision and promise, so you deliver your goals with confidence.

Enhanced and Advanced Services

Our core competency is to free you up to focus on YOUR core competency, as effortlessly and seamlessly as possible.

Selecting a partner with higher flexibility, adaptability, and scalability are just a few of the advantages. Choosing a partner with experience in implementing and scaling up or down to service a variety of programs, methods and leading edge technology can help increase your customer satisfaction, reduce costs and build brand loyalty.

Sonar has been providing leading edge solutions for nearly 13 years because we have remained fiercely committed to delivering exceptional service while constantly exploring opportunities for continuous improvements and operational innovation.

Easy Communication and Contractors Tools

Our out of the box tools allows Contractors, Commissioners and Patients to communicate as effortlessly and seamlessly as possible.

All sectors from primary care, secondary care and NHS or private health business can leapfrog competition using Sonar technology’s innovative build to secure their goals and reach desired outcomes.