The registration process for the London Pharmacy Vaccination Service 2019/20 is now open

This London service covers the following vaccinations by Community Pharmacists:

  • The National Advanced seasonal Influenza Vaccination service - with the updated GP contacts, Sonar and NHS England London require use of Sonar to notify GPs of vaccinations.
  • The London seasonal Influenza Vaccination service - cohorts outside of those covered by the National Advanced Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service under this service specification
  • The London Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccination service – cohorts covered specifically in the National PPV PGD and service specification (18 and over for London). With the updated GP contacts, Sonar and NHS England London require use of Sonar to notify GPs of vaccinations.

  • The Pharmacy will offer both vaccines to eligible patients in line with the service specifications
  • Proactively target the groups named in the national flu letter and offer carers identified who are not in touch with other services, a referral to their local carer agency for further support
  • Providers must sign up to Sonar and deliver the National Advanced service as a requirement for provision of the London Enhanced service.

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