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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

All of the stop smoking medicines in our guide are effective treatments to help you stop smoking. 

Stopping smoking can make a drastic improvement to your lifestyle and health in ways you might not expect. Once you stop smoking, some of the benefits are immediate and some are longer-term.

Why this PGD?

If you want to stop smoking, several different treatments are available from shops, pharmacies and on prescription to help you beat your addiction and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

There are many NHS programs to help people give up smoking and many provide Champix® to help smokers kick the habit.
Often they were unable to give up in that time due to some stressful event such as a family bereavement, but unfortunately these people who found that Champix® helped are ineligible for another course. This Stop Smoking PGD can offer a cheap and secure source of Champix® for the many UK smokers wishing to give up.

Who is this for?

Patient over 18 years of age

Available Treatments


  • Champix 0.5mg tablets
  • Champix 1mg tablets

How to order

To obtain the Stop Smoking PGD, you will need to order it directly from one of our Bundles (Best value) or Individual Subscription, please go to Order Now for more details.

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